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The CMDN Family

We have a number of projects now in full planning, that could not have taken place without the impute and collaboration of Team Corah, A Chorus 4 Corah & Raise The Roof 4 Corah that will raise the profile, awareness and issues of and about Children's and Young Adults Neurometabolic Mitochondrial Disorders Across The United Kingdom. We will keep you updated on our progress and the impact we will make. "Friends that have become family"

Meet our team of Patrons and Supporters

Our Medical Advisers

President “EMDN”: Prof. Tony H. V. Schapira, MD, DSc, FRCP, FMedSci
Head of Department & Professor of Clinical Neurosciences, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London. (UK)
Prof. Richard H. Haas, Professor of Peadiatrics, University of California (USA)
Prof. Francis Veyckemans, Prof. of Peadiatric Anesthesiology (Belgium)
Prof. Arnold Munnich, Prof. Metabolic & Genetics (France)
Prof. Franco Taroni, Biochemistry & Genetics (Italy)
Prof. Jiri Zeman, Prof. of Peadiatrics (Czech Republic)
Prof. Jan A. M. Smeitink, Metabolic Diseases (The Netherlands)
Prof. Wolfgang Sperl, Prof. of Peadiatrics (Austria)
Prof. Johan Van Hove, Prof. of Peadiatrics (Belgium)
Dr. Pierre Rustin, Peadiatric Genetics (France)
Prof. Merce S. Pienda, Peadiatric Neuroscience (Spain)
Dr. John H. Walter, Consultant Peadiatrician (UK) (Correspondent For SSIEM)
Dr. Simon Heales, Institute of Neurology & Neurochemistry (UK)