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PRESS RELEASE: Mitochondrial Depletion Disorder / Syndrome

Is being featured and giving a great deal of publicity within the UK media and social media community at present time. Although we cannot comment specifically about this case, family or UK hospital involved. We are aware of the extremely complex, ethical and emotional issues being discussed.

There has been lots of discussion regarding therapy, viable research and potential cures of which we understand are being substantially funded by public donations.

The Children’s Mitochondrial Disease Network would like to emphasize. There are no viable, cures, therapy of sustainable treatments for mitochondrial disorders. Only symptom management.

The work of Prof. Doug Turnbull’s, Newcastle Mitochondrial IVF group, which CMDN was part of the pre-public HFEA consultation, mitochondrial overview group committee,  before UK law was passed. Shows the most promising viable option, although will only be applicable to specific mitochondrial mutations. To prevent the specific disease before birth via IVF manipulation.

The Children’s Mitochondrial Disease Network will continue to work alongside parent and professional groups, locally and Internationally in pursuing improved understanding, medical public awareness, professional and parental family support.

For any further information please contact:
Paul Preston (Founder) The Children’s Mitochondrial Disease Network


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