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Heartbroken dad speaks out after losing son to life-limiting disease

A HEARTBROKEN dad has spoken out after his 18-year-old son lost a life-long battle with a chronic debilitating condition.

Kieran Preston, who had neurometabolic mitochondrial disease, died on Friday, March 17.

The 18-year-old required 24-hour care, and was cared for at home by his parents Paul and Rachel.

“We can only say he’s at peace. He suffered until the very last moment,” Paul told the Guardian.

Kieran’s condition meant he was unable to walk or speak and had to be fed through a 24-hour feeding tube.

He also suffered from bladder failure, epilepsy, muscle-wasting, scoliosis, osteoporosis and nutritional failure.

“He was brain damaged. He was not an 18 year-old-man – he was a four-year-old boy and his body was deteriorating around him,” Paul said.

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