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A Chorus 4 Corah update

Lisa Slaney with husband Carl Slaney, friends and family known as #TeamCorah launched and created AChorus4Corah in memory of their daughter Corah-Beth Slaney, taken without mercy by #MitochondrialDisease aged just 17 years. In the way of a memorial yearly fundraising, mitochondrial awareness week, tribute concert. Celebrating Corah’s love of music, dance and comedy.
The Children’s Mitochondrial Disease Network are the benefactors of this dazzling event. Who without such invaluable financial support could not continue to advocate, support, represent mitochondrial disease families and associated medical professionals at a local, national and international level. Services, Benefit Reforms and Legislation, Carers, PIP, DLA. Our work is complex, individual and incredibly important. Please continue to share our work, posts and updates.

The Children’s Mitochondrial Disease Network is a UK Charity Registered. Established, Incorporated and Formed April 1998.